Back pain and musculo-skeletal injuries have been identified as the biggest health concerns, and a major cause of absence, for employers in the UK.

Not only are muscular, bone and joint problems some of the most common ailments among employees, they can also prove to be some of the most debilitating, resulting in extensive periods off work.  Worse still, they can lead to the risk of employee litigation and significant insurance costs.

On-site or local physiotherapy is being embraced around the world as an effective, cost efficient means of reducing the cost of workplace.

Our Service

The M Bill Physiotherapy On-Site service offers employers a unique hands-on proactive approach to injury management.

Our service bridges the gap between employees and employers by facilitating communication and keeping employers informed about the progress of their employees' injuries.

Workplace Physiotherapy and Injury Management can offer on-site treatment for organisations that would prefer for their workers to be treated at their workplace. 
Treatment can include all aspects of Physiotherapy, establishment of exercise programs, pre-employment screening, and preventative programs.  

This approach to workplace injury management reduces the costs associated with the worker travelling off-site to attend for treatment and reduces the time the worker spends away from the workplace.  Having treatment provided on-site also allows for quick and convenient feedback on the progress of workers.   This service can also be provided to link in with existing medical services.  


The prevention of injuries is vital to cost reduction of workplace injury management*.  Workplace Physiotherapy and Injury Management has proven to significantly reduce the type and level of workplace injuries in the workplace, reduced treatment and travel costs, improved productivity and a more expedient return to work for their injured workers.  The services include education-based preventative programs, both on a group and individual level.  Information is provided on minimisation of manual handling risks, preventative strategies, and the development of workplace-based exercise programs.


We have various clinics throughout Somerset and are located in fitness centres with private assessment rooms, filled with modern equipment and a gymnasium.  The practice has a strategic alliance with GP’s consultants and other Health Professionals.  Joint Podiatry/Chiropody and Orthotic assessments are also available.

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Physiotherapy is clinically effective and cost effective in the management and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.  Click on the PDF below.

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