We work for Solicitors, Insurers or Intermediates

Why instruct a physiotherapist to conduct a medico-legal report?

* We assess and treat more patients than any other health professional
* We are cost effective
* We produce high quality reports
* We can give details on the type and likely cost of treatment needed
* Our depth of knowledge and clinical reasoning skills are second to none

We are fully trained in medico-legal report writing to enable you to present a full, professional report whatever your needs.

Advantages of an Inter-disciplinary Medico-Legal Report

The greatest advantage to this approach to Medico-Legal reporting is that it offers the advantage of a Multi-disciplinary detailed assessment of your clients injuries in a single report.

Patients can be assessed once off for accident cases

A back rehabilitation course is also on offer

The average cost of a Medico-Legal report is generally affected by the mix of individual reports requested by individual specialities and by the complexity of the injury and/or report required.

What will the report contain?

The report will include the following:

1) The date's) of first and subsequent examination's)/assessments) of the patient.
2) The history of the injury
3) The patients complaints
4) A listing of all information received from the parties reviewed in preparation of the report or relied upon for the formulation of the teams opinions.
5) The patients medical history, including injuries and conditions and residuals thereof if any.
6) Findings on examination
7) A diagnosis
8) Opinion as to the nature, extent and duration of disability and work limitation if any
9) Cause of the disability
10) Treatment indicated
11) Opinion as to whether or not permanent disability has resulted from the injury and whether or not it is stationary. If stationary, a description of the disability with a complete evaluation will be provided
12) The report will be signed by all members of the team

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