Having worked as a team for over 17 years both in the NHS and privately we are now offering the only private joint Podiatry & Physiotherapy assessments clinic in the Somerset region.
The same team introduced the Gait Analysis Clinic at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton which continues to run successfully

What is Gait (Walking/Running/Movement) Analysis?

Gait analysis is the study of walking - a detailed examination of the movements of the limbs and actions of the muscles when we move.


The Benefits of Gait Analysis

Walking/Running is a complex activity involving co-ordination of the muscles, bones and joints of the lower limbs. Gait analysis reveals defects which are difficult to spot from observation and physical examination alone. Accurate assessment by gait analysis may improve the quality of life for patients, reduce multiple hospital admissions and may keep treatment costs down.

About the Clinics

The clinic works closely with General Practitioners, Insurance Companies, Rehabilitation agencies and Medical/Surgical Consultants, treating Self Paying and Insured clients to provide a service for:

a)  Individuals concerned that they may be wearing incorrect footwear for walking/specific sports/casual exercising.  Having such an analysis is likely to drastically reduce injuries associated with wearing the wrong footwear.
b)  Parents who notice and are concerned about their child’s walking ability or pattern.
c)  Individuals who wish a less time consuming treatment combined approach to the treatment of chronic discomfort or injuries to the lower limbs


Treatment plans vary significantly based on the individual needs of each client.  However, the following approaches serve as the foundation of our treatment program:

*  Computerised Force Plate or other diagnostic testing
*  Establishing a functional baseline
*  Assisting and educating each person so that they may better understand the complexities of the specific problem(s)
*  Selecting the appropriate functional orthoses device, if necessary
*  Refining existing prosthetics, orthotics, and/or shoes for proper alignment and fit

Based upon individual assessment findings, physiotherapy components of the treatment plan may include:

*  Balance and co-ordination exercises
*  Flexibility and strengthening exercises
*  Gait retraining and rehabilitation work
*  Electrotherapy 

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